Course policies

Mask Policy due to COVID:

COVID and Sickness policy:

Students with disabilities: If you have a disability that may impact on your ability to carry out assigned course work, I would urge inform me at the earliest and also to contact the Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), Phone: (607) 777-2686. Kindly bring a letter to me from the SSD indicating your need for academic accommodations within the first two weeks of the class. I will work with you and the SSD to make any necessary accommodations.

Managing Stress: If you are experiencing undue personal or academic stress at any time during the semester or need to talk with someone about a personal problem or situation, I encourage you to seek support as soon as possible. I am available to talk with you about stress related to your work in my class. Additionally, a wide range of campus resources are available to provide help, including:

Academic Integrity: Please read carefully.

Attendance: Attendance is not mandatory but is strongly encouraged (either in-person or online) along with active class participation. There is a strong correlation between regular attendance, active participation, and good grades.

Announcements: Announcements will be made either during the class OR through emails. Missing any announcement due to not attending the class or not checking your emails is not a valid reason for missed work or examination.

Makeup exams: Makeup exam will be given only for medical emergencies or jury duty or according to university's final exam policy. Please do not ask for exceptions to this policy, such as for travel or interviews.

Late Assignment Submission: 10% penalty off total score for each 24 hours that your assignment is late. That means: Less than 24 hours late - 10% penalty. 24 to 48 hours late - 20% penalty. and so forth till the score reaches 0.

Incomplete Grades (grade of 'I'): The grade of 'I' will not be given, except due to medical emergency or jury duty. In this case, the missed work must be made up within a timeframe agreed upon with the instructor.

Grade Changes: Grade on an assignment, quiz, or exam will not be changed unless there is a grading error on part of the instructor or the TA. Extra credit work will not be offered to raise individual grades.